Apps to Make Your Business Smarter Part 1: Fleet Management Apps


What applications, or “apps,” do you have on your smartphone? Email and Facebook probably; everyone has those. What else? It’s okay, you can tell us if you love filters on Snapchat, obsess over Instagram, or try to trend on Twitter! Whatever your preference, it’s likely that you use at least some apps on your mobile device. A recent connectivity study found that 72% of their users with smartphones were downloading apps! For businesses, apps have the potential to decrease uncertainty, lower costs, and accurately forecast expenses.

In a new, 3-part series, we’ll share some specific apps and the benefits that are quickly making them primary tools for fleet management. Today, in the series’s first blogpost, we’ll discuss Fleet Management Apps!!

What Can Fleet Management Apps Do For You?

  • Find the nearest and cheapest refueling stations and mechanics so drivers can plan stops and aren’t forced to waste time in a wandering search with unknown price-tags.
  • Track vehicles, routes, speed, and idle time with real-time access to fleet information so you can ensure efficiency and investigate any incidents.
  • Know when to schedule preventative maintenance. Performance and repair patterns recognized by mobile data help you stay on top of repairs and limit emergency situations.
  • Keep lines of communication open with your team by sending and receiving important alerts, messages, and reports. These can include text, pictures, and graphics.
  • Limit theft or malpractice by tracking drivers, vehicles, and fuel card charges. This helps protect your business and your drivers.

Apps That Help Get the Job Done: TSO Fleet Pro, GPS Insight Manager, FleetMatics, BetterWays, MiX Fleet Manager, Fleetio Go, Contigo GPS Fleet Tracker, Driver Logic

Fleet management apps, many of which do require a subscription or download fee, serve as helpful supplements to broader fleet management service packages. So take out your mobile devices, research available apps, and download the one that will help your business the most! Then, you can use all your newfound freedom to spend more time turning yourself into a dalmatian on Snapchat!

Which fleet management apps do you use to optimize your business? Let us know in the comments below!


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