10 Facts About Truck Drivers’ Lives

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Consider this: over 70% of the freight tonnage transported in the U.S. involves trucks. Think about the hours that go into a truck driver’s life on the road: so many opportunities to meet new people, along with the freedom of the open road, balancing your life on the road with your life at home. It’s a rewarding, difficult, fun, crazy career, so we’re taking a look into the average trucker’s life!!

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2 thoughts on “10 Facts About Truck Drivers’ Lives

  1. Truck drivers will be the first to feel the effects of the auto drive / Google drive that the transportation industry is working on. What will all of those drivers do for a living when Google is driving their trucks?
    Think of the money the company’s will save, no breaks, drive 24 hours per Day not 11, only stops for maintenance and fuel. What will the human impact be?

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