The Future of Millennials and New Technology

With another year behind us, the impact of the millennial generation continues to grow and shape the workforce. They encompass about half of the workforce in the United States. According to the National Automobile Dealer Association (NADA), millennials accounted for 60 percent of new employees at dealerships and 42 percent of the overall workforce. The millennial demographic impacts employee recruiting practices and the incorporation of technology in dealerships. In the world of technology savvy and knowledgeable customers, the role of dealerships and salespersons has transformed. There is the opportunity to utilize the new innovative millennial workforce to reach customers who desire new approaches to automobile shopping. Recent trends and research has shown that there is an increasing number of customers looking for a simple and stress-free automotive shopping experience.

New sales approaches such as One Sonic – One Experience technology implemented by the Sonic Automotive Group does just that. This system is an online platform between the dealership and the customer that completes a sales inquiry and transaction entirely online. A customer can remotely interact with the sales representative operating an ipad with the promise that all purchase transactions will include haggle-free prices and be completed in 45 minutes or less. In addition, the sales representative are salary based and take the commission based incentives out of the transaction between the sales representative and the customer. These assurances enable new technologies such as One Sonic – One Experience to attract and engage prospective customers.

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