Truck Bodies! Upfits and you!

For years we have relied on Categories to convey the type of body upfit onto a truck or installed in a van. While not perfect, the system worked generally, directing Visitors to the inventory they were looking for. If someone wanted to know more about the specific body, either you had to enter that information or they called you. Last year we began an effort to deeply integrate truck body information into our sites. This effort touched virtually every part of our site and as I’m sure you’ve seen, has been rolling out in batches onto the site since January. We even have assembled a team just to manage the collection and organization of upfit data. By the end of this month, we will have completed all the major upgrades associated with Truck bodies. Here are some highlights of coming enhancements:

  • Options! You’ll be able to select what options are with an installed body.
  • Full mobile support.
  • Online Catalogue!
  • Adding Royal, Switch-N-Go, Durarack, KateRac, & Scelzi body manufacturers.

We will continue adding manufacturers as fast as we can throughout the year.
Don’t forget that your Showrooms also support sorting and refining by Upfit, so if you want to sign up for our Commercial Inventory Module and plug the Showroom into your dealer website, you can do that and get all of the goodness of the upfit project. So get out those invoices and start applying Upfits to your ads!

IMT Mobile 2.0

IMT Mobile 2.0 is reaching the end of its field testing. Here are some highlights of new functionality in this app:

  • Push notifications for phone and email leads!
  • Basic reporting.
  • Video, photo upload.
  • Upfit support.
  • VIN Scanning.
  • If you can edit the field on the desktop IMT, you can edit it in the app.

This does mean that IMT Mobile that is in the App Store and Google Play now will be sunset soon. The old app will get an update with a warning around the time we launch IMT Mobile 2.0, which should be this month!

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