Eating on the Road

Driving a big rig is a unique profession. The constant traveling and long hours aren’t for everyone, but we all owe a great deal to the individuals who devote their careers to making sure that produce makes it to our supermarket shelves and the latest electronics are available to us at our leisure. Truck driving also has unique benefits that the rest of us might not get to experience- the flexibility of scheduling, the opportunity to see and experience large swaths of our country, and along with that, perhaps best of all, the food. Regional driving means regional eating, and with the right “food technology” to help you find the best fried chicken/barbecue ribs/seafood/tacos/cheesesteaks wherever you happen to be, this is an opportunity not to be missed. For example, RoadFood is “Your Guide to Authentic Regional Eats.” Hop on to their website and you can browse local restaurants by location, state, or type of food. Just around Commercial Truck Trader’s home office in Norfolk, VA, they pointed out a great diner, an old fashioned drive-in, and a classic barbecue joint. They’ve also organized ‘Driving Tours’ such as the ‘Oklahoma Hamburgers’ tour or the ‘Superior Slaws of North Carolina’ tour- see if one or two stops fit into your schedule. Find out the regional food(s) of the areas you’ll be traveling and plan to try them out. Grab a pasty (a savory meat and potato pie), aka a ‘yooper’ in Michigan, or maybe a coddie (a crabcake’s cod cousin) in Maryland, or even some ‘loose meat’ (kind of like a not-sloppy Joe) in Iowa.  First We Feast has an excellent list of 25 Regional American Foods You Might Not Know (But Should). Need something a little quicker? Check out Buzzfeed’s list of 23 Regional Food Chains that Really Should go National. Have you experienced Wawa’s now-available-year-round ode to Thanksgiving leftovers, The Gobbler? You need to.  And finally, let us not forget truck stops themselves. MentalFloss listed the 10 Best Rest Stops in the U.S.– including a location in Iowa that boasts 100,000 square feet of restaurants, “a movie theatre, laundromat, showers, a trucking museum, and church services on Sundays.”

Have you had an awesome food experience while on the road? Let us know in the comments! Share your food photos with #TruckEats

Photo Credit: Multimedia Content Manager Chris Conway, Dominion Enterprises



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