Mary Had a Little Turkey

Nhistory-of-thanksgivingovember is the month of the turkey in the United States, as we gather with family and friends to enjoy a Thanksgiving feast.  But where did the idea of eating turkey on Thanksgiving even come from?  Since there are no leftovers from the 1600’s, there is some controversy about what was really eaten at the first Thanksgiving meal. Most researchers don’t believe that the main meat was actually turkey, rather fish and wildfowl, such as duck or goose, according to some Smithsonian archives.

So where exactly did turkey come from? Sarah Hale, author of “Mary Had a Little Lamb”, gave the turkey its original 15 minutes of fame. Sarah created the first print ad requesting that Thanksgiving be a national holiday and added the turkey as a symbol of prosperity.  After President Lincoln declared the third Thursday in November to be the national holiday of Thanksgiving, the turkey continued to be its symbol and our centerpiece at the holiday dinner table. #WhatTheHale

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