IMT Enhancements

With a new season comes new updates! We are proud to announce the release of Commercial Truck Trader and Equipment Trader Online’s Inventory Management Tool enhancements. Below you can find all of the great additions and features that can now be found within the IMT.

Build a Video Brochure With One Button!
Need a video brochure built or modified? Now you can create an individual video brochure without having to access each separate listing. Found under the ‘Inventory’ tab, the new ‘Video Brochure’ button allows you to build and modify brochures with one simple step.

Video Brochure Button Within the IMT


Video Brochures Are Now AUTO-BUILT!
Did you know that ads that include video brochures often perform better than those that don’t? Now, for dealers with the ‘Talking Brochure’ feature, any ad that meets the minimum 3-photo requirements, will have a video brochure automatically created for them. This saves everyone time and provides higher quality, more engaging advertisements.

Video Brochure Example From an Ad Listing


Showcase Your Dealership’s Narrative
Does your business have a powerful story to share?  Are you family-owned and operated or third generation? Showcase this story in the new ‘Dealer Story’ section featured in every ad. Adding your information is easy: Log into your IMT and enter it under ‘Dealer Settings’.

Dealer Narrative Example From an Ad Listing


Download Inventory Into a .CSV File
Do you use Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice, or maybe Google sheets to keep track of data? No matter what data management application you use, a .CSV file will integrate seamlessly with them all. Now, with the ‘Download CSV’ button, you have the ability to download a .CSV file of your entire dealer inventory from the IMT.

Download Inventory to a CSV. File


Adding a Video Has Never Been Easier!
The ‘Dealer Video’ tab in the IMT has just been streamlined and updated. The new ‘Video’ tab, which previously contained the ability to create and modify both dealer and ad videos, is now a space exclusively for dealer videos.The ‘Ad Video’ feature has been moved under the ‘Inventory’ tab and can be accessed when modifying or creating a new ad listing.

Video Tab is Now Exclusively for the Dealer Video

How to Add Videos to Your Inventory Listings


Drag & Drop Photo
Need to reorder how your images appear in an ad? Now you have the ability to click on the photo and drag it into a new position. The new ‘Drag & Drop’ feature makes rearranging photos and choosing your primary photo a breeze!

How to Use the Drag & Drop Feature


Designate Vehicles “For Lease”
Do you have a vehicle that is available for sale or lease? Now under the inventory tab of the IMT you can add special leasing rates to your vehicle listings.  Now potential lease customers will be able to find your lease listings even easier with “For Lease” added to the refine search navigation column.

Lease option


How to Add Leasing Rate to Inventory


Coming soon summer 2016:

  • Combine type & class fields to reduce redundancies and create more effective ads while avoiding potential class/type conflicts.
  • An expanded VIN decoder for feed ads, which will now include year, make, model, trim, fuel efficiency, available colors, and installed options.
  • Dealer Gallery is getting a makeover!
  • A ‘Training’ tab will be added to the IMT, which will house helpful videos and valuable information to make sure that our dealers are able to utilize Commercial Truck Trader / Equipment Trader to its fullest potential.
  • Upgraded Cab option naming from 2-door and 4-door to standard cab, extended cab, and crew cab.
  • Add or remove vehicle options from feed ads, such as stereo, sunroof, A/C, power windows, etc. from the ‘Inventory’ tab in the IMT.

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