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Phone Touchscreen KeypadPhone calls, emails and walk-ins are all considered leads to a dealership and should each be handled as important as the next. With buyers becoming more savvy and conducting more research, it’s important that the highest quality experiences are provided. Since the “selling” is often done way before the dealer is even aware of the prospects, the dealer needs to know what actually works. But how do you know what works when it comes to your leads?  You can’t measure what you can’t track. If you can’t measure, you can’t analyze, if you can’t analyze you can’t compare results. If you can’t compare results, you can’t make informed decisions.

To help assist with these challenges, Commercial Truck Trader has deployed the use of trackable metrics throughout our site. Phone leads, which often times can be difficult to track, are easily measured utilizing a dealer specific trackable phone number. These numbers can be found in a variety of places on our site including the search results page and on an individual vehicle listings. By adding these strategic measures we increase the odds of buyers calling this trackable number.

But how do these numbers aid in your decision making process? Data is received from the trackable phone numbers and stored in Commercial Truck Traders Inventory Management Tool under the phone lead section. Here you can see all of your phone leads received within a given time period. It also provides important lead information including duration of call and the callers name, number, state and zip code. But the most valuable feature is the “play” button. This button enables you to listen to each phone call and provide coachable training and upsell moments to your staff.

This data provides insight to your peak call times, total calls answered versus unanswered, average number of rings before calls were answered and average call time length. Making informed decisions based on trackable data will help you work smarter, make improvements faster, sell confidently and stay one step ahead of your customers.

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  1. It’s a good thing that this tracker was developed because it’s a big help for sellers, and also for drivers who wanted to deliver their goods in time, fresh and still in good condition.

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