Effective Logo Design

Are you looking to make a mark in the world and grow your business within the marketplace? Would you like to stand out from the rest of the pack? One way of accomplishing this is by having a unique, yet simple logo that reflects your business.  A logo is an essential part of a company’s brand. It works with other components of a business, such as the website, social media outlets and marketing collateral.

Developing a logo that people recognize can be a difficult task and there are many things to consider. Below are some helpful tips in developing an effective logo.

Tip 1: Research
Spend time researching examples of logos within your industry.  Pull inspiration from the examples, but don’t imitate.

Tip 2: Use a Professional Graphic Designer
Self-made logos lack polish and creativity. A professional graphic designer will know the best practices to communicate your products and services to your prospective customers. A designer is capable of bringing your concepts and ideas to life, thus generating a product that will look the way you want and help you achieve your marketing goals. There are a variety of sites that enable you to contact freelance artists, such as http://www.outsource.com and www.upwork.com.



Tip 3: Keep it Simple
A logo that contains many elements may be too complex visually. Avoid the use of small shapes and thin lines that could disappear when reduced in size. Most design software has filters and effects that can be applied to graphics, use them at a minimum as these features may work against the clarity of the logo.

Tip 4: Color
Color appeals to people’s emotions, so great care should be taken when selecting colors. Refrain from using colors that are harsh on the eyes. Colors like red, orange and yellow evoke the feeling of warmth.  Colors like green, blue and purple gives a feeling of calm and relaxation. Black is a color of power, elegance, and formality while white is a color of peace, calm, and cleanliness. A helpful resource for targeting consumers with the use of color visit https://www.supermoney.com/2014/08/colors/.

So ask yourself this very important question: What Does the Color of Your Logo Say About Your Business?

Tip 5: Font Usage
Avoid misusing typeface. Often a logo is ineffective because of a poor font choice. A successful logo will have the right balance between the font style and icon. Limit your design to two font maximum.  Utilize the characteristics of font types to evoke emotions.  A Script font portrays elegance and sophistication while Serif fonts are more traditional and reputable and Sans Serif is stable, clean and modern. Many typefaces come in different style attributes, such as bold, italic and light, so when these features are used the font depicts a different meaning.

Tip 6: Size
An effective logo should be versatile. The quality and definition should not be compromised when scaled up or down as well as reproduced.  A logo should work well with several methods of reproduction, such as screen-printing, offset printing, large scale vehicle decals and embroidery.

Remember a poorly designed logo can impact your business negatively, by keeping these helpful tips in mind you are on your way to creating an effective logo that will appeal to your audience.

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