Google Searches and Dealerships – New for 2014

Today, I received a question from  sales rep:

“Can you clarify in layman’s terms about keywords and Google using a new approach?  I have a lot of franchise dealers and a big objection is that so much of their budget goes to purchasing key words.”

Of course! Here goes:

As mobile devices with voice search as well as localized-intent search becomes more prominent, Google is relying less on keyword data to help them “position” websites in the search results pages. Instead, they are using “semantic search” that relies on the INTENT of the user vs MATCHING of keyword data. Google is not feeding keyword search data to analytics suites anymore, partly due to the unreliable nature and ever-changing landscape of how people search.
A real world example of this: if you type “used trucks for sale” on your computer and say it into your phone, your results are sorted much differently. So are your successive searches! It’s “never the same page twice.” So – rankings don’t mean much anymore for specific words.
Let’s say that searcher sees search results which consist of: some local dealers, and next, portals like us on page 2. He may choose a dealer, but if he’s not sure who’s legit and who’s not, he may decide to choose an entity that he already has trust in, like Commercial Truck Trader or Truck Paper or Auto Trader. It’s why Amazon has displaced so many little storefronts over the years – consumer trust. Some users are weary about bob’s trinket online shop, but they know and trust Amazon.
The goal here is to remind the dealer that Commercial Truck Trader and Equipment Trader Online have solid, strong, proven methodologies that bring users to our portals. Trust gets them there and keeps them coming back. The dealers need to do their part too – unique descriptions, good prices, great non-stock photos, and info about why the dealership is awesome is what gets them clicking on ads.
Happy Selling!
-Nadene Evans, Online Marketing and SEO Manager
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