New Enhancements: Part 2

ImageIf you have a VIN handy while at your desk in the dealership, you can “pre-setup” adding inventory to Commercial Truck Trader by typing in the VIN, then letting us do the decoding.  This can really save a great deal of time manually selecting axles, engines, fuel types, make, model, and class, among a few other things.  We can match up to 19 fields with just a VIN, so consider this option when using the IMT Tablet app.  Then go out on the lot, enter in the mileage, take some photos, shoot a quick video of the truck starting up, the instrument cluster, and tires, come back inside and upload the data.
IMT Mobile
IMT Mobile launched in 2011 and we’ve seen great growth in its user base.  It’s still fewer people than we’d like and we recognize that there are some design upgrades it could use.  Some of these trickled out in 2012, including a photo-resizing ability to deal with issues on certain mobile carriers, as well as fixes for iOS 6.x, which created challenges in our photo uploading.  IMT Mobile also just gained the ability to pre-set fields based upon a VIN!  We’ll continue to polish this up and make it as useful a time-saver as we can!  The kicker will be when we add a VIN barcode scanner to it.  It’s coming – we just have to resolve some issues between versions of Android and iOS.
The IMT mobile & VIN decoding are a significant step towards changing the landscape for day-to-day advertising management.  One of our field representatives says she has saved four to five hours a week, on the low side, using these apps.  If you’re one of our Truck dealers, by all means, download and start uploading! We know it’s not perfect,  but we think it’s a huge step in helping our dealers.
Ryan Goodwin is the Director of Product Development for the Dominion Enterprises Industrial group. Send him your thoughts and feedback: or Tweet him:  @IndustrialDev

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