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New Enhancements: Part 1 of 3

If I have to pick a single word to describe our focus in 2012, it would be “mobile”.  While we didn’t spend all of our time working purely on mobile products, we spent the vast majority doing so.  The biggest parts of this effort were the IMT Tablet and IMT Reports apps for iPad.  I’m very proud of these products and the team for building them, and while they’re not perfect, I think they are the beginning of truly changing how dealers can manage their advertising and even their dealerships in the future.

IMT Tablet: work from out in the lot

IMT Tablet is the website Inventory Management Tool application for the iPad.  Everything you can do on the website you can do from this app.  That by itself doesn’t seem like much, right?  Here’s what we think is revolutionary:  it works offline.

You can take your iPad out onto your lot, enter in any basic information about a truck you want to sell, take photos, and take video.  Then you can walk back into your dealership, connect to the WiFi network and upload all of that data.  It detaches you from the desktop computer and the digital camera.

If you have a digital camera with all of your stock photos on it, you can transfer those to the iPad through the Apple SD Card dongle.  You can then select those photos while creating new advertisements from the iPad’s image gallery.  Then you can select with ads to make Premier or Featured and add taglines.

IMT Reports is a companion app that lets you view the Key Performance Indicators for your dealership’s advertising on CommercialTruckTrader.  This requires you to be connected at the time you open the app so it can download the data from our servers.  Still, you can easily swipe to new reports, adjust the dates, and get a few more pieces of data than you can in the website version of the Inventory Management Tool.

Ryan Goodwin is the Director of Product Development for the Dominion Enterprises Industrial group. Send him your thoughts and feedback: or Tweet him:  @IndustrialDev

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