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Commercial Trucks
Truck sales continue to surpass last year and point toward a sustained recovery; however, new orders for Class 8s have been down for the past six months. These kinds of mixed signals in the heavy-duty class sales make it difficult to forecast what next year will look like in big truck sales. We do know that we are still seeing replacement demand as the driver of most sales.
Fleets are not likely to begin significant expansion until the economy shows sustained signs of recovery. Light and medium-duty sales are plugging along at a nice, sustained pace. Again, replacement demand is the primary driver.
Fuel economy is an important concern for both fleet owners and owner/operators. At, we’re seeing some increased interest in vehicles with good fuel economy, based on the types of online searches conducted by our users. Overall, however, fuel economy doesn’t seem to be as important a criterion as many of us thought it would be. The fact that fuel is 15-20 cents cheaper than this time last year may have something to do with it.
–Charles Bowles is the general sales manager for Commercial Truck Trader and Equipment Trader. You can reach him at or by phone at 757-351-7289.

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