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Buying Used Bucket Trucks from a Reputable Dealer
Many businesses need to buy used bucket trucks every year in order to make their companies more efficient and get the quickest return on their investments. Being in the market for a bucket truck can be a time consuming and nerve racking experience if you’re not sure where to begin looking. Buying from a reputable dealer is the best way to go because they can offer assurance you can’t get from auctions or individuals that may also be selling used buckets trucks. 
Not sure how to find a reputable dealer? Start by doing some research online. Customer reviews, videos, and other information about a dealerships reconditioning process can be found on various websites. You can check several different places before deciding to go visit their store. By checking online and reading about each dealership you think you may be interested in, you can narrow your search down to just a few dealers before choosing the one to go with.
Customer reviews are a great way to discover the truth about businesses that sell used bucket trucks because there is such a vast number of reviews to read. Whether someone has had a great or a terrible experience, they had shared that experience with everyone. Keep track of the number or complaints versus the number of recommendations a used bucket truck business has online. This will be your first and major step to finding the reputable used bucket truck dealer for you and your company.
Each dealership will have their own way of refurbishing bucket trucks. By watching videos that there dealers have
on the websites, you can make sure that it’s done in a way that you prefer. If a dealership does not have any of 
these videos or information about their processes, this could be a huge red flag. Lack of information on their
refurbishing techniques could mean that they don’t have much experience in this, or they may not do it at all. 
You may want to mark the candidates without this information off your list of potential dealerships. 
After you have gone through all of your research, you should have a few dealerships left on your list. Go visit
their stores. See how you feel about the atmosphere, the inventory, and the sales person you’ll be working with.
If you have any doubt after leaving the store, don’t buy from them. You’ll always be wondering if you made the right choice, even if the used bucket truck is fine. 
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At I-80 Equipment, we offer the best selection of used bucket trucks. We have several videos and a vast amount of information regarding our refurbishing processes and other techniques. Customer reviews are also available from many websites, so feel free to check us out. We can guarantee you with a wonderful experience and a reliable bucket truck for your business. Please stop by the store or feel free to contact us at

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