Spring Cleaning & Site Updates

Spring is always especially busy for us in the technology group.  While we deal with increasing amounts of website traffic, we also work to upgrade critical systems while building new products for our future.  Our Architecture group has moved our webserver traffic onto a smaller cluster of much more powerful computers.  This makes us much greener in the amount of energy we burn as well as improving our website’s performance.  This new infrastructure also makes us much more “cloud compatible”, should we ever need to scale up or down depending on how slow or fast website responsiveness is.
Meanwhile, the software team is working new tablet-optimized versions of CommercialTruckTrader and EquipmentTraderOnline.  We’ve noticed that nearly 10% of our traffic now comes from mobile devices, and the majority of that traffic is from iPads.  Knowing that this traffic is only going to grow, we want to make sure we have a great experience for all of our tablet users!
A few of you may have also seen a glimpse of our new iPad-based IMT, also known as Project Quantum.  It’s in a very early stage, what we call an “alpha”, and being tested by our field representatives at some dealerships.  As we move ahead with squashing bugs and optimizing it, we’ll start to distribute this to some test dealers to gather more user experience feedback.
In between all of this work, we’ve been working to increase how findable ads are in our search.  This is an ever-evolving process.  These latest updates have added Installed Options for EquipmentTraderOnline in the IMT, which are included in the Keyword search, and we’ve added Special Features to our Keyword search.  While it’s not perfect yet, it is a step in the right direction.
Soon, we’ll start offering suggested Categories & Classes to minimize the time it takes to enter ad data, as well as allow ads to be mapped to multiple Categories.  This will help deal with situations similar to where you want your ad seen under both “Pickup Truck” and “Pickup Truck – Crewcab”.  There’s more coming on this topic, but I can’t talk about any of that just yet.
As always, you can send us feedback and thoughts at:  snfeedback@traderonline.com
~ Ryan

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