From Our Perspective

Congress’s passage last week of a 90-day extension to the funding of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) will allow for the continuing operations of existing projects; however, it will keep the construction industry in limbo. Without a long-term funding plan in place, investments in new equipment are unlikely to take place, thereby perpetuating sluggish domestic construction equipment sales. Coupling that with the continuing decline in home prices and housing starts makes it unlikely that we will see a significant rebound in domestic equipment sales in 2012. is seeing a large increase in the volume of trailers for sale on the site. And, it’s not one type – it’s many different categories of trailers. We’re observing a ramping up in the manufacturing of trailers (based on the volume of 2012 models), which portends good things for the economy as a whole.

–Charles Bowles is the general sales manager for Commercial Truck Trader and Equipment Trader. You can reach him at or by phone at 757-351-7289.

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