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Hello again, everyone.  It’s another week and we’ve launched more updates to the sites, CommercialTruckTrader and EquipmentTraderOnline.  Some of these updates were directly related to feedback we’ve received from the site, so I’m sure there’s a few people out there who will appreciate them!

Inventory Management Tool.
The overhauled Inventory tab in the web IMT has generated lots of feedback.  Some good, some bad.  We’ve been working to address the “bad” elements in as a measured, thoughtful process as possible.  With that said, you can now:

  • Edit stock number directly on the Inventory tab as you used to be able to on the old version of the page. 
  • Filter by Attachments on the Inventory tab.

A couple weeks ago we also added the Featured Dealer Inventory section into our Search Results.  This week we’re including additional reporting in the IMT to show the results from this new segment.

We will be watching these numbers closely since we are considering relaxing the restrictions on this new section to increase impressions.  What changes we implement have to balance what the user is looking for against optimal impression rates for the Dealer.  This can be difficult to maintain, so we will be doing this in increments based upon the available reporting data.

Progressive Sponsorship.
We’ve had a long relationship with Progressive Insurance and we are now expanding that relationship.  On our Insurance pages, you can now get a quote, find an agent, or just get the phone number to call if you want to learn more about insuring your Truck with Progressive.  We hope to find more sponsorships like this in the future for out other Research pages.

On another note…. feedback.
I read every piece of feedback that is sent either from the Inventory Management Tool or from our other links in Search Results and elsewhere on the site.  I try to respond to all of them, but even if I don’t, know that I am reading what you send.

So that’s it – another week, more updates, and keep the feedback coming.  Don’t forget to download the IMT Mobile, too, from the App Store or Android Market.  An update is coming out for that in the next week or so once approvals from Apple and Android are complete.

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