Keep Your Machines Up And Running In Cold Weather

Written By: Garrett Ginglen
Cold weather can be hard on machines. Here are important tips to keep your machines running in great condition during cold weather.

Cold Weather Recommendations:
  1. Always maintain your machine per the Operation and Maintenance Manual during cold weather
  2. To better prepare your machines for cold weather, try the following:
    1. Use block heaters
    2. Use enclosed storage facilities when machines are not in use
  3. Be sure to install the correct lubricants
  4. Provide the correct cooling system protection for the conditions you will be working in
  5. Inspect all rubber parts weekly
  6. Keep all batteries fully charged
  7. Always fill the fuel tank at the end of the shift
  8. Check the air filters on a regular basis when snow is present
  9. Before your shift, run the engine until it reaches operating temperatures
  10. Never remove the air cleaner element when snow packing occurs
  11. If your machine is shut down for more then 16 hours, the engine will cool to the external temperature

Do you have tips for keeping machines running at peak performance during cold weather? Please share your comments below.

2 thoughts on “Keep Your Machines Up And Running In Cold Weather

  1. Hey great tips. Its very difficult to keep your machines up and running in cold weather but these tips look really great and easy. All you need to do is just do a bit of research for the lubricant for the machine.

    Thanks Garrett

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