Coming Soon: Big Inventory Management Updates

I know it’s been some time since I’ve blogged and that’s because we’ve been working hard on several new initiatives.  I would like to mention some of the upgrades we’re implementing into our Inventory Management Tool. We’re focusing mainly on these User Experience upgrades:

  • Easy application of Premium or Featured Photo features
  • Easy Ad Copy
  • Easy upload of multiple photos
  • Easy feedback mechanisms
  • Pricing assistance
  • IMT Mobile

Easy Application of Premium or Featured Photo Features
We’ve been working with our friends with CycleTrader and RVTrader to upgrade the Inventory tab in the IMT. This will soon include thumbnails as well as quick-click application of features and the adjustment of prices, among other things.

Easy Ad Copy
We’re integrating a mechanism that will allow our IMT users to easily copy the basics of a listing into a new listing. This way if you have seven 2003 DEERE 225C LC RTS you need to sell and hate the process of entering year, make, model, class, and photos, you’ll be able to copy them from ad to new ad easily.

Easy Upload of Multiple Photos
Using some technology from our friends with PowerSportsNetwork, we’re integrating a similar JavaScript-based photo upload tool. This will allow users to upload many photos simultaneously.

Easy Feedback Mechanism
We’ll be adding a new button to the IMT’s navigation which will allow you to send us feedback about any section, part, or operation that the IMT provides. We’re serious about hearing what our user’s think and providing the mechanisms to make it easier for you to do that are key.

Pricing Assistance
We’re sure our dealer’s know what good prices are in their markets, but we’re thinking it could be helpful to see what the maximum, minimum, average, and mean are in your region while creating a new listing. The pricing data is supplied by our own database of tens of thousands of listings. This feature will be in beta for awhile as we tweak our algorithms and listen to user feedback regarding its usefulness.

IMT Mobile
The product is designed to utilize the strengths of the smartphone in helping you maintain inventory on our site. Take photos and upload them from the lot. You can also edit price, mileage, and even create an ad directly from your iPhone or Android device. We are expecting to see this in iTunes and the Android Market by mid-November, pending the approval process and our final bits of feedback.

 As always, please send me feedback!

– Ryan

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  1. That easy Ad Copy function will do very well. I wish other organizations would take after this because it would make the search process much more streamlined.

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