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Can you believe the year is more than 1/2 way over?  I cannot, but we’ve been busy updating the site so time has been steadily passing for us.  Which is nothing new, but I did want to highlight some of the specific updates we’ve done and foreshadow some new stuff in the works, too!

Did you know we have a Place An Ad process on CommercialTruckTrader that lets you place a single ad with various features online?  From the homepage you can click the “Sell” tab, then select a make and model combination and enter your zip code.  On the next page you can select a package with various whistles and bells to help you sell your vehicle.

Now, depending on what zip code you entered, you may see a different package page.  In our markets which still have magazines, you will see four options.  Yesterday, we changed this for markets that do not have magazines. We have narrowed the options to two packages.  One is our loaded “Deluxe” package with every feature possible and an extended run time of 16 weeks with 16 photos.  The other is the opposite:  a no-frills 8 week with 8 photos “Basic” ad.  This “Basic” ad has the ability, after you enter your basic vehicle data, to upgrade to additional features.

We have included video with both packages.  Video is a great boost of content and allows sellers to show buyers details that photos don’t convey.  You can start the truck up, letting the user hear it run, rev the engine, add some dialogue describing parts of the vehicle that you want to highlight.  Adding video is as simple as taking a smart phone, taping yourself, uploading it to YouTube, then adding that link to your classified ad while placing it in our Place An Ad process.  Use it!

Our goal with this update is to streamline your options.  If you want to choose what additional features you’d like for your ad, then you can go basic and select them individually with the Basic option.  If you prefer to maximize your investment, we’ll give you everything with a little extra time online and a bit of a discount, too, with Premium placement, with the Deluxe option.

We’ve even included a new F.A.Q. right on package selection page to answer some common questions.

To go along with this Place An Ad update was also an update to the Search which rolled out a few weeks ago.  We changed a subtle but important piece of functionality.  Before, if you sorted a search, the ads displayed were broken into “tiers”.  These tiers were “Premium”, “Enhanced”, “Standard”, and “Basic”.  This had the side effect of making our sorted searches not very intuitive.  If you sorted by “Price (lowest first)”, you could actually miss the ad with the absolute lowest price because it was in the “Enhanced” tier which was displayed after the “Premium” tier.

So we’ve changed that behavior so sorting will now be absolute.  Tiers will no longer divide the sorts.  If you sort by “Price (lowest first)”, you will see those ads with the absolutely lowest prices appear first, in ascending order.  This applies to all of the sorting options in the Search.

Also, and this is very exciting for us, is our continuing work on an IMT Mobile product.  We’ve been in a beta process with this for a few months.  There are a few more tweaks we want to make to it, but we hope to soon release an Android and iOS mobile application that will allow our dealer customers to manage their inventory, including taking and uploading pictures, from their Android or Apple mobile device.

If you’re a paying dealership with us and want to participate in our IMT Mobile beta, then contact your rep or myself directly.  We currently only support Android devices for the beta, but we will deploy with both platforms supported.

It’s been a busy year so far and soon we’ll have more to show everyone.  In the mean time, everyone have good sales and enjoy the summer!  As always, you can send me comments on Twitter, email, here, or now on Google+.

– Ryan

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