We need your feedback!

A few months ago I had referenced how we are changing gears to try to solicit more user feedback from the site.  We would be doing more beta programs, providing more options for you to share your opinion, and making sure we consider points that our users made.

To that end, we put together two very simple surveys, one oriented towards the “consumer”, or users coming to the site for informational and purchasing purposes.  The other survey is oriented towards our dealership customers, or those that provide the majority of content on the website.

That’s a long winded way of saying, “We need your help.”

If you come to our website to look for something to buy, or just information, then please take our nine question consumer survey!

If you use our website as a dealer to sell, then please take this quick eleven question survey!

You may wonder how we’ll use this information for our two main goals.  We aim to provide the most leads we can to our dealerships and we also aim to make the process of finding what you want to buy as easy as we can.  Our perspective on what’s “easy” and what’s not can be different from either of those perspectives, buying or selling.

This increases in complexity with different search habits within user groups and whether someone is new to the site or has been using it for a long time.  Someone who has used the site for a long time and comfortable with a design may be quick to reject a product overhaul because it’s different.  Someone new may like an overhaul because they don’t have a frame of reference.

So what we’ll do is comb through the feedback responses, noting patterns we see and any specifics users provide.  This may point us in a direction for further refinement.  If, for example, many people feel the new search is complicated or slow, then we’ll know we need to continue to refine the experience.  If, however, most responses are complimentary, then we’ll look at those that are not and see if there’s smaller, more incremental improvements to make.

Should many people request a specific type of product, then we’ll certainly give that consideration and find where it may fit into the schedule.

This is an opportunity for you to help shape our direction over the next year.  While this won’t be the last opportunity for you to provide feedback about your experience on our site, this information will be used in on going discussions about where we’re going!

– Ryan

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