IE9, CSS, and our websites [UPDATE]

A few weeks ago, I blogged here about how our sites were not compatible with Internet Explorer 9.  Because of that blog post and tweet, an individual from Microsoft reached out me via Twitter to learn more about what wasn’t working correctly.  Through the exchange of some emails, Microsoft offered to add our sites to a compatibility list provided that we would be working to resolve our incompatibility with IE9’s standards mode.

At the end of last week, the TraderOnline family of sites began to operate correctly in IE9 due to this work Microsoft had done.  We have been working in parallel to update how we load CSS to fit better into standards.  This week we’re testing this update and hope to roll it out to the sites in the very near future so we don’t have to rely on Microsoft’s update.

It was a pleasure to work with @MarkFeethamMSFT and it reflects well on Microsoft that they’re willing to work with other companies who directly rely on their software to get users to their products.  My thanks to them for the support while we work to correct our incompatibilities!  I owe them a few frosty beverages!

You can follow Microsoft on Twitter @Microsoft, updates about Internet Explorer @IE,  and they also have a help Twitter account @MicrosoftHelps.

– Ryan

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