Veteran Truck Driver Takes The Kenworth T700 and PACCAR MX Engine On Tour

The Kenworth homepage reports the Kenworth T700 and PACCAR MX Engine Tour recently completed its 5-month, 20,000-mile U.S. journey, which offered fleets and drivers a close-up look at the new, aerodynamic Kenworth T700 and the fuel-efficient 2010 PACCAR MX engine during stops at more than 80 Kenworth dealerships.

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According to Kenworth The tour also showcased the new Kenworth NavPlus navigation and business technology system for Class 5–8 trucks, Kenworth AG130 front air suspension, and Eaton UltraShift Plus automated transmission.

Veteran truck driver Mike McDowell received the choice assignment to pilot the Kenworth T700 tour truck during the past five months. His extensive time behind the wheel of the T700 with the 485-hp PACCAR MX engine makes him one of the most experienced users of both new products.

Photo Credit: Kenworth

“I drove the Kenworth T700 all over the continental United States,” said McDowell, who has 33 years of professional experience operating commercial vehicles and currently works for Spiff Services. “From the driver’s seat looking out at the road, the T700’s field of view is excellent. It was easy to quickly glance at the instrument gauges while I was driving. When I was stopped at dealer locations, I used the pull-out workstation, which had ample room to work on the logbook and on my laptop. The interior lighting was excellent for working at night. Plus, there is lots of storage space in the T700, and the Kenworth AERODYNE sleeper offers team and solo operators a spacious, comfortable living area.”

Photo Credit: Kenworth

McDowell said he’s also impressed with the performance of the PACCAR MX engine throughout the U.S. tour. “This powerhouse provides plenty of power with 1,650 ft-lbs of torque,” he said. “It’s extremely quiet and smooth and offers excellent fuel economy. The mileage I got on the PACCAR MX engine coupled with the Eaton UltraShift Plus transmission while driving ranged from 7.4 mpg through the mountain areas up to 9 mpg on the flatlands. That was with a total weight of about 46,000 lbs. for the truck and trailer with all the tour displays loaded.”

Source: Kenworth

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