FedEx Sends 114 Drivers to Compete in The National Truck Driving Championships

FedEx reports one hundred and fourteen drivers from 45 states representing FedEx will compete in the National Truck Driving Championships (NTDC) in Columbus, Ohio, August 3-7.

Photo Credit: FedEx

According to FedEx, each driver earned the right to compete in the NTDC by qualifying at state-level truck driving championships. The American Trucking Associations (ATA) sponsors the NTDC, which is designed to recognize industry leadership in safety and to promote professionalism among truck drivers.

“Every day, the thousands of professional drivers and contractors who comprise the FedEx driving force strive not only to deliver shipments on time but also to ensure that safety continues to be their most important priority,” said Frederick W. Smith, chairman, president and chief executive officer, FedEx Corp. “This collective commitment of our driving force to safely share the road with other motorists each day has been validated by the performance of the more than 1,400 FedEx drivers, couriers and contractors who competed in their respective state truck driving championships and the accomplishments of our 114 NTDC competitors in particular.”

Source: FedEx

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