The John Deere SeedStar XP Provides Real-Time Information About Planter Performance and Seed Placement

The John Deere homepage features details on the new SeedStar XP monitoring system from John Deere.

Photo Credit: John Deere

According to John Deere, the SeedStar XP provides more real-time information about planter performance and seed placement to the operator in the tractor cab, making it easier for the operator to make on-the-go adjustments to the planter for optimal seed placement and increased productivity.

The GreenStar 2 compatible SeedStar XP system features a user-friendly, full-color planting monitor, or it can be integrated with a producer’s existing GreenStar 2 display to eliminate clutter in the cab. The system is supported by a series of row-unit sensor nodes and downforce sensors configured to the specific model of planter.

Source: John Deere

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