Capstone Working With US 1 Industries and CalMotors to Install C65 HEV Microturbine System in Class 8 Tractor-Trailer Truck

Capstone Turbine Corporation has announced it is working with trucking company US 1 Industries and CalMotors to install a Capstone C65 in a Class 8 tractor-trailer truck. The ultra low-emission C65 will serve as the on-board generator.

US 1 Industries which operates over 1,400 trucks across the United States, will work with Capstone and CalMotors to install the low emission, microturbine powered electric drive system in a US 1 Class 8 truck that will serve the Port of Los Angeles and areas within 30 to 50 miles of the port.

CalMotors develops electric and hybrid powertrain systems for cars, trucks, and other vehicles, identified the Class 8 truck as an excellent application for a Capstone microturbine.

“The Capstone turbine is well suited as an on-board generator in trucks because of its outstanding emission profile, high efficiency and low vibration and noise levels,” said CalMotors Chief Executive Officer Mike Kasaba.

Today’s hybrid-electric vehicles offer low emissions when driving in electric mode. However, their range is extremely short between battery charges. A microturbine dramatically extends the driving range of an HEV vehicle.

Source: Capstone Turbine Corporation

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