Heavy Equipment Shows Off at Bauma 2010 by Dunking Baskets and Making Snack Food

Heavy equipment manufacturers are always trying to prove the flexibility and user-friendliness of their new models. It appears that digging holes and picking up heavy loads isn’t enough anymore. To make a big impression, heavy equipment now plays basketball and prepares tasty snacks.

The Digger Construction Equipment Blog reports on unique equipment demos at the 2010 Bauma International Trade Fair for Construction Machinery held recently in Munich, Germany.

Photo Source: Digger

According to Digger, a demo of a Caterpillar M315D gave participants a chance to use the mighty machine to plunk ten basketballs through a hoop. Can your Wii video game system do this?

Photo Source: Digger

Another demo by Swedish equipment manufacturer Huddig
featured an operator cutting up sausages, buttering crackers, and pouring beer with a Huddig 1060B guided by remote control. Yummy!

Source: Digger: The Construction Equipment Blog


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