Caterpillar and Demlone Take Demolition To New Heights with DEM50

The Caterpillar homepage features details on the DEM50 ultra high demolition (UHD) machine manufactured by Demlone. The DEM50 offers a flexible working height of 18, 21 or 23 meters and can carry a work tool weighing up to 3,000 kilograms throughout most of the working range. This means improved performance and versatility for demolition contractors compared to previous models available from Caterpillar dealers.

Photo Credit: Caterpillar

The DEM 50 is the first machine resulting from a close cooperation between Caterpillar and Demlone, a subsidiary of a French demolition equipment specialist Vensys Group. Built on the Caterpillar 336D L demolition duty hydraulic excavator, Demlone manufactures the front-end structures and assembles the completed machine.

Utilising the undercarriage of the robust Cat® 336D with purpose-built, strengthened heavy-duty upper frames, the DEM50 offers working heights of 18, 21 and 23 meters, from a modular boom and stick system. Its demolition equipment is made up of a main boom section, 3-meter and 5-meter boom extensions and a single stick, allowing contractors to rapidly change between the three different working heights.

Photo Credit: Caterpillar

The machine is equipped with a hydraulic boom foot quick coupler, with the lower pins being controlled hydraulically from the cab. All of the hydraulic hoses between the boom foot and the main boom structure are equipped with quick disconnects, so that the boom configuration can be changed in 20 minutes, far less than the 3-4 hours of previous machines.

A standard reach backhoe boom can also be supplied as an option, using the same rapid-fit pin system. This provides increased productivity for the customer, as the machine can complete a wider number of tasks on the demolition job site.

Source: Caterpillar

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