Equipment Trader Magazine to be Available at No Charge

Equipment Trader has announced a significant shift in how magazines will be distributed. Beginning in May, Equipment Trader’s magazines will be available at no charge, as opposed to being sold through stores.

“Information today is free. Now, so are our magazines,” said Mark Bondi, Director of Sales & Marketing. “This move is part of our larger plan to expand the value of our equipment dealers receive. We are staying current with today’s marketplace and leveraging technology more effectively for our dealers,” added Bondi.

The shift is expected to significantly increase the readership of the Trader publications, driving greater results for those who advertise in them. The Trader publications will continue to available at convenience stores around the county. A complete list of these locations can be found at

“The change to our print business comes as we continue to see the rapid expansion of our online business services,” Bondi noted. “Our print distribution will now be aligned with how we engage our online audience of equipment buyers.”

Equipment Trader has a series of planned online releases this spring specifically for its online advertisers,” A new source of leads, called “Locator Leads,” will become available to dealers on In addition, dealers will have access to monthly business intelligence reports which give insight into how a dealer’s pricing compares to others in a given market and how that pricing is impacting results.

“Our dealers are going to absolutely love what we have coming down the pike for them,” Bondi concluded.

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  1. Making your magazine free is a good move. Selling advertising should be enough to cover costs and provide a tidy profit.

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