Kenworth Announces 2010 Engine Offerings for Medium Duty Trucks

Kenworth Truck Company reports the announcement its 2010 engine offering for its medium duty product lineup during a press conference today at The Work Truck Show in St. Louis.

Photo Credit: Kenworth

“The 2010 PACCAR PX-6 and PACCAR PX-8 engines offer enhancements in torque and horsepower options which will provide greater benefits to Kenworth customers in a variety of medium duty applications,” said Jason Skoog, Kenworth director of marketing planning and research. “Both engines feature a fully integrated electronic control system for increased power density, enhanced reliability and serviceability, and optimized performance.”

The 2010 PACCAR PX-6 and PACCAR PX-8 engines are both available for the Kenworth T270 Class 6 and T370 Class 7 models. The Kenworth T170 Class 5 vehicle is available with the 2010 PACCAR PX-6 engine.

Photo Credit: Kenworth

For 2010, Kenworth offers three diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tank options for the medium duty market. Useable DEF capacities are 6.6, 9 and 18 gallons which provide diesel fuel capacities of 110, 150 and 300 gallons, respectively.

Source: Kenworth

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