John Deere Introduces State-Of-The-Art Motor Grader Operator Training Simulator

John Deere’s homepage features details about the new John Deere Motor Grader Operator Training Simulator.

“We’re responding to an industry shortage of skilled operators with an excellent tool for attracting and training new operators to run one of the most complex machines on a jobsite,” said Michael Hoeg, senior instructional designer and developer, John Deere Training Center.

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“Overall, Deere’s operator training simulators are a cost-effective, safe and efficient way to train new operators in a risk-free environment.”

The new motor grader simulator provides highly detailed and realistic lessons teaching proper technique, machine controls and safe operation, all in a virtual jobsite – without fuel or operating costs, risks to equipment or personnel, downtime, or emissions.

Motor grader simulator lessons feature real-world situations, complete with jobsite hazards, potential safety violations, hand signals, budget-based scoring and replica machine controls.

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The simulator’s controls include a steering wheel, foot pedals and the electronic armrest-mounted fingertip controls from the new G-Series grader. The fingertip controls are arranged in the industry-standard pattern, so knowledge gained will transfer to mechanical-style controls.

“The new grader simulator also has Deere’s exclusive simulator ‘head tracking’ technology, which means wherever the simulator operator looks, the camera in the simulator looks,” Hoeg said. “This is very exciting and useful on a grader, where you are constantly looking at either side of the blade.”
Nine Detailed Lessons

Photo Credit: John Deere

Because motor graders are one of the most challenging machines to master, Deere has designed nine key lessons for the simulator:

  • Controls familiarization
  • Moldboard setup
  • Maneuvering
  • Leveling a parking lot
  • Digging a V-ditch
  • Road building
  • Blue topping
  • Cul-de-sacs
  • Loading onto a lowboy

After completing each lesson, operators get immediate feedback based on their performance, and are scored against a budget (operator costs, owning and operating costs) and other skilled operators. This helps identify their strengths, weaknesses and impact on a “bottom line.” Learners can see their contribution to production statistics in real time, as well as realize their contribution to a virtual budget, or their deduction from jobsite funds, based on performance. The real-time feedback also allows operators to correct mistakes and gain awareness of potential hazards before they are encountered.

Photo Credit: John Deere

“The simulator also has benefits beyond standard operator training,” Hoeg added. “It can be used to attract crowds at job fairs and events, for rainy day competitions, jobsite planning, safety training and potential employee screening – and do it all without fuel burn or emissions.”

The new Motor Grader Operating Training Simulator joins Deere’s Excavator Operating Training Simulator and 4WD Loader Operator Training Simulator in the training lineup. Simulators are available for purchase through local John Deere dealers or information provided online at

Source: John Deere

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