MVASIST Gives Mack Customers More Uptime, Control Over Service Experience

The Mack Truck homepage features information on MVASIST, an Internet-based system from Mack Trucks, Inc., that gives truck fleet managers control over their service experiences. MVASIST brings all information and communication about a truck service event into one online folder. This advance streamlines communications and the service write-up process to improve vehicle uptime, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Here’s video on YouTube from Fleet Owner about MVASIST.

MVASIST addresses concerns and complaints voiced by fleet managers about typical industry-wide truck service customer experiences in a study released by the Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC) of the American Trucking Associations in 2009. MVASIST makes possible:

  • Consistent service processes
  • Fleet- and truck-specific information tied to each service event
  • Complete, timesaving, recorded online communications between service providers and the customer.

Mack dealers and service providers use MVASIST to assemble consistent, complete, professional estimates of service recommendations, including standard repair times, regardless of which dealer in the Mack network performs the service. The system also delivers fleet and vehicle-specific information, including warranty coverage and previously negotiated parts pricing. More than 240 dealers in the Mack network are currently enrolled in the MVASIST system, with full participation planned for the end of 2010.

Source: Mack Trucks and Fleet Owner


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