New Holland High-Clearance Tractor Gives Vegetable and Specialty Crop Farmers More Power and Precise Movement

Photo Credit: New Holland

New Holland’s TS6030 high-clearance tractor puts the power of 96 PTO horses into rows of tall vegetables or specialty crops without worry of plant damage. A generous maximum crop clearance of 30 inches at the drawbar prevents damage to valuable crops while cultivating or harvesting. Both axles adjust from 72 to 84 inches to accommodate a wide variety of crops and farming practices.

Photo Credit: New Holland

A new 274-cubic inch, four-cylinder diesel engine is turbocharged and intercooled providing maximum performance and fuel efficiency. Designed to run on standard diesel fuels or any biodiesel blend up to B100 that meets ASTM 6751 fuel quality standards, the TS6030 high-clearance tractor is Tier III emissions-compliant, fuel-efficient, durable and economical.

Photo Credit: New Holland

The TS6030 is available with a choice of three reliable transmissions, including two creeper transmissions that provide the ultra-slow speeds needed for precise movement through the rows during cultivating and harvest. Three-point hitch capacity from the standard 3,600 lbs. up to 7,200 lbs., available flexible link ends and standard telescopic stabilizers make it easy to handle heavy implements.

Additional high-performance hydraulic features include standard FWD for on-the-go extra traction and wheel slip, and an auxiliary implement hydraulic pump is available to add 9gpm flow to the standard 13-gpm implement pump to efficiently run high-demand implements.

Source: New Holland

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