The Port of Los Angeles Gives Extension On Deadline For Cleaner Trucks

The Port of Los Angeles has announced that the Los Angeles Harbor Commission has approved a second set of modifications to the Port of Los Angeles tariff to allow truckers to continue operating their existing trucks past the January 1, 2010 ban date.

Photo Credit: The Port of Los Angeles

According to The Port of Los Angeles, the tariff modifications are designed to be consistent with a Drayage Truck Rule Advisory issued by the California Air Resources Board on December 8, 2009 which will allow truckers that have purchased a new truck or retrofit with private funds to continue to operate their existing truck until April 30, 2010 while waiting for the new truck to be delivered or the retrofit to be installed.

The Port of Los Angeles tariff will allow the same extension as the Air Resources Board for purchase of a truck with private funds. To qualify for the extension based on private purchase of a retrofit, it must be a Level 3 retrofit and it must also have a 25% NOx reduction capability in order to be able to operate in the Port of Los Angeles.

Source: The Port of Los Angeles

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