Cummins Reports On Cummins ISB Fuel Economy Advantages

Cummins has announced that the Cummins ISB has demonstrated significant fuel economy advantages over competitive engines and is an ideal choice in both the school bus and medium-duty truck markets where maximizing fuel economy is a top priority.

According to Cummins, the Cummins ISB, which meets the current 2007 EPA emissions standards, won every test segment with results ranging from a 7- to 19-percent lead over MaxxForce engines.

Testing was conducted with an independent third party as well as in-house, using SAE Type III methodology. In total, three different comparisons were completed – each representing real-world scenarios for the school bus and medium-duty truck markets. The tests included vehicles with comparable specifications and load factors. In each assessment, the current Cummins ISB was matched against the MaxxForce 7 and the MaxxForce DT with like horsepower and torque ratings.

“We are delighted at the results of our testing of the ISB against the competition. Fuel economy is incredibly important to our customers, and our testing has validated the clear advantage that customers have with Cummins power,” said Tom Hodek – General Manager, Bus Business for Cummins.

Source: Cummins

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