Freightliner Trucks Introduces the New On-Highway Coronado

Freightliner Trucks recently introduced the new on-highway Coronado at the Chrome Shop Mafia headquarters in Joplin, Mo. Featuring enhanced aerodynamics, updated technological innovations and luxurious styling, the Coronado is the perfect blend of form and function.

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“The Coronado commands attention on the road – it is ideal for owner-operators who want a truck that not only turns heads – but turns profits,” said Melissa Clausen, director of product marketing for Freightliner Trucks. “Sleek design updates, both inside and out, have resulted in a fuel-efficient truck that’s comfortable to drive.

Using Freightliner’s state-of-the-art wind tunnel to develop and test the new truck, the Coronado was designed with style and efficiency in mind.

Photo Credit: Freightliner

“Our goal was to create a traditionally-styled aerodynamic truck that would help owners reduce fuel consumption and increase bottom line profits,” said Clausen. “Everything about the Coronado was carefully developed and built to keep it running and earning revenue.”

The Coronado’s hood is constructed out of one-piece fiberglass that is robust, yet easy to repair – incorporating parting lines to assist the body shop and reduce repair costs. The truck’s smooth stainless steel grille is ready for years of use, and the Coronado’s chrome-plated hood handle was designed in Freightliner’s wind tunnel to specifically enhance airflow over the truck.

Photo Credit: Freightliner

Further enhancing aerodynamics, the curved shape of the Coronado two-piece windshield is sloped for better airflow around, and over the cab, decreasing wind resistance and further lowering fuel costs.

And, dual chrome steel intakes come standard on the Coronado. Air enters the system through two chromed steel grilles on either side of the hood, combining an aerodynamic and functional inlet with a stylish design. Designed for maximum efficiency, the intakes are positioned on either side of the hood to minimize the infiltration of water, snow, road debris or dust.

“Every element on the Coronado – from the hood to the fender and even the mirrors – was tested in the wind tunnel to optimize airflow,” said Clausen. “This aerodynamic design, coupled with the latest in clean engine technology, enhances overall efficiency.”

The Coronado features a strong, durable cab made of high-strength, lightweight aluminum. This lightweight construction allows owner-operators to increase revenue by hauling larger payloads. And, an up-to 50 degree wheel cut – comparable to many set-back axle trucks – helps the Coronado easily maneuver.

Photo Credit: Freightliner

The Coronado’s updated design includes new headlights that are both stylish and durable. The headlights are made from a strong composite material and incorporate a single reflector, which offers excellent lighting capability both forward and to the side. For added convenience, the headlight uses just a single bulb, which is readily available at any auto parts store for replacement without any special tools.

The truck’s hood tilts almost 90 degrees for easy engine access, making daily fluid level checks effortless. A special spring helps open and close the hood and reduces the lift effort to 40 pounds, for a smooth, easy opening.

“Productivity is the highest priority, so we designed the Coronado to enable owner-operators to easily make adjustments on their own, keeping repair costs and downtime to a minimum,” said Clausen.

Noise abatement materials such as noise panels in the floor, front wall, sides and back panel keep the truck as quiet as possible. Double-sealed doors and well-sealed windows further reduce noise.

The truck’s well-appointed interior, complete with Oregon Burl Wood trim and accents on the dash, provide a feeling of luxury.

The Coronado also features an updated dashboard, designed with the driver experience in mind. Formed as a single piece to minimize fasteners and rubbing points that create rattles, the Coronado’s dashboard is one of the quietest ever developed by Freightliner.

Photo Credit: Freightliner

The dashboard’s controls, valves and air switches are front-loaded and located within easy reach, and the gauges can be easily read. All switches and instrument panels are backlit by LED lights for non-glare nighttime viewing, and extra-large panels provide greater flexibility in gauge combinations.

The Coronado’s luxurious sleeper includes strategically placed cabinets to maximize storage, and a stow-away upper bunk provides extra bed space. A pullout writing surface, clothing rack and a separate control panel for heat, air conditioning and lighting complete the interior.

Photo Credit: Freightliner

“Our customers spend most of their time inside the truck, so we wanted it well-appointed and comfortable,” said Clausen.

Available with the Detroit Diesel DD13, DD15, and DD16 engines, as well as the Cummins ISX, the Coronado is designed to meet the upcoming EPA 2010 standards.

Detroit Diesel engines are equipped with the revolutionary new BlueTec emissions technology. BlueTec-equipped engines deliver a fuel economy improvement of up to 5 percent compared to EPA 2007 engines and are an evolution of the selective catalytic reduction technology developed by Daimler.

“The Coronado is a traditional truck with today’s most innovative engineering and design elements,” said Michael Jackson, general manager of marketing for Daimler Trucks North America. “The Coronado is a smart option that is ready to take on any challenge.”

Source: Freightliner

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