Hay Bales Communicate Data Through New Holland CropID Technology

New Holland Agriculture recently launched CropID, an individual bale identification system for large square balers.

Photo Credit: New Holland

According to New Holland, using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, the CropIDTM system gathers detailed information about each separate bale and stores it in a microchip that attaches to the twine. This innovation enables commercial growers to uniquely tag and sort bales based on a wide range of criteria, so that shipments or storage can be arranged according to the hay types that best meet the clients’ needs.

Identifying quality, moisture content, or other characteristics of specific bales is now a simple process, allowing growers to easily decide which bales are the best match for specific customers, or need to be set aside for further curing.

Photo Credit: New Holland

“The wealth of data provided by the CropIDTM system offers a vast array of benefits that have a great value to both the farmer selling the bale and the customer purchasing it,” said Michael Cornman, New Holland Dairy & Livestock Marketing Segment Leader. “The system provides accurate documentation of bales for resale, the exact weight of bales for loading and shipping purposes, the ability to monitor and manage inventory via computer, and it provides customized records for customers.”

Source: New Holland

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