Freightliner Trucks Extends "Slice of Life" Program

The Freightliner Truck homepage reports on the “Slice of Life” drivers and the Detroit Diesel DD15 equipped 2009 Cascadia trucks they drive.

Photo Credit: Freightliner Trucks

According to Freightliner Trucks, because of the popularity of the Slice of Life program and the positive response from the three participants – Dick McCorkle, Henry Albert and Kurt Grote – Freightliner Trucks has extended the program so they can continue to enjoy the Cascadia’s enhanced aerodynamics and fuel efficiency, with the new addition of Detroit Diesel’s BlueTec SCR emissions technology.

“Given the positive response we’ve received so far, we decided to extend the program and introduce the drivers to BlueTec emissions technology by giving them three new Cascadia trucks to test drive with DD15’s with BlueTec technology,” said Jamie Heck, owner operator product marketing manager for Freightliner Trucks. “As Kurt, Henry and Dick continue to cross North America, we will be eager to read their blogs and hear their reports detailing their experiences and the performance of these new products.”

Source: Freightliner Trucks

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