Frontier Equipment Expands Lineup Of Tillage Tools With New Disks

Photo Credit: John Deere

Frontier Equipment expands its lineup of tillage tools with the DH16 Series Disk Harrows and TM41 Series Tandem Disk Harrows to provide customers with durability and dependability in field preparation operations.

“A replacement for the John Deere 637 Rigid Tandem Disk, DH16 Series Disks will deliver years of dependable performance at an affordable price,” says Michael Horrell, Frontier Equipment sales and marketing manager. “The heavy-duty steel blades have 130 pounds of weight per blade, which is ideal for first-pass disk operations through heavy residue. The 22-inch-diameter blades on 9-inch spacing and gang-angle adjustability of these disks provide excellent soil-particle sizing before planting,” adds Horrell.

Source: John Deere


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