Caterpillar Launches New 18 And 20 Ton Forwarders

Cat Forest Products announces the launch of a new forwarder line with the introduction of two models with 18 metric ton and 20 metric ton capacities.

Photo Credit: Caterpillar

The new Cat 584 and Cat 584HD are designed to withstand the demanding requirements of transporting large payloads long distances over difficult terrain, while providing outstanding operator comfort, controllability and serviceability.

“We’re very excited about these new products,” said John Carpenter, Caterpillar Forest Products president. “It further solidifies our commitment to the industry and our goal of being the leading forestry equipment manufacturer in the world.”
In designing the new forwarder line, Caterpillar engineers conducted in-depth interviews of forwarder owners to learn what features they wanted in a new generation of forwarders.

Photo Credit: Caterpillar

Prototype operators and logging contractors who previewed the forwarders said they especially liked the structure’s sturdiness, the strength of the center oscillation joint and the styling, features and roominess of the cab.

“We’re focused on listening to the ‘voice of the customer’ and providing new equipment for existing demanding applications, as well as equipment for new market opportunities,” said Bruce Narveson, Cat Forest Products industry manager. “These new forwarder models will satisfy market needs in North and South America and in key logging countries around the globe.”

Source: Caterpillar

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  1. I love that you mentioned here that one of the benefits of these models is that they offer “operator comfort”. People usually don't take into account that manufacturing equipment and construction equipment has to be comfortable to use. We kind of expect all construction workers to be tough enough to not think about their comfort. However, a worker who is in discomfort is a worker who can fully focus on staying safe while working. Operator comfort with big equipment like this increases safety for everyone!

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