Power Lift Competition Goes Live On Skid Steer Smackdown

John Deere reports on the latest video posted to John Deere’s www.skidsteersmackdown.com Web site, as real-life contractors use competitor units to challenge a Deere compact track loader (CTL) in an exciting “Power Lift” competition.

Photo Credit: John Deere

The Power Lift, part of Episode Two’s “Battle in Bowling Green,” was filmed live in front of 1,000 fans during The Ultimate Skid Steer Smackdown’s Season Two “Prove It Tour.”

Deere is taking these unique head-to-head battles on the road to visit job sites, tradeshow lots and dealerships throughout the country, testing the skills of on-the-job skid steer operators in various events inspired by the tasks and conditions real operators face.

Source: John Deere

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