Heavy Equipment Operator Voted “Toughest Job” in America

The Working Person’s Store and Wolverine invited the working people of America to tell their stories and then vote on “What’s the toughest job in America?”

Brian Blosser, a heavy equipment operator from southern Indiana was the 2009 winner of the Toughest Jobs in America competition.

“From big rigs to construction sites we recognize and appreciate the people doing the work that keeps America running,” said Eric Deniger, CEO of Working Person’s Store. “The Toughest Jobs competition is our way of honoring these millions of unsung heroes.”

The winner of the company received a $1,000 “work wardrobe makeover” compliments of Working Person’s Store and Wolverine.

Source: The Working Persons Store

One thought on “Heavy Equipment Operator Voted “Toughest Job” in America

  1. We work with a great deal of heavy equipment operators and I absolutely agree that heavy equipment operators, in general, have the toughest job in America.

    Required skill, environmental hazards and weather combine to make an operator's job really especially difficult.


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