Trucking Industry Representatives View Latest Clean Truck Technology

Photo Credit: FedEx

The Memphis Commercial Appeal reports on a meeting in Memphis,Tennessee of trucking industry and truck sales representatives to view new technology to reduce pollution.

According to the story, commercial diesel trucks sold Jan. 1 and after must meet an EPA mandate of reductions of emissions of nitrogen oxide and other pollution.

While truck fleet managers are concerned about the cost of complying with the EPA standard and the investment in cleaner trucks, truck and engine sales representatives say better fuel economy will help offset the costs.

Shipping giant FedEx calls Memphis home. FedEx has made a big investment in hybrid electric trucks. The video below features more information.

fedexvideo(“” , “Environment_HybridVehicles”, 10209)

You can read more about FedEx and clean trucks on the FedEx homepage.

Source: The Memphis Commercial Appeal and FedEx


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