Kenworth Trucks Play Pivotal Role in Construction of New Minneapolis Stadiums, I-35 Bridge

The Kenworth Truck homepage features a story on the pivotal role of Kenworth Trucks in the construction of the New Minneapolis Stadiums and I-35 Bridge.

“We have a fleet of more than 450 trucks, mostly Kenworth T800 and W900S models,” said Jim Dewall, Cemstone fleet manager, who has been with the company for 20 years. “We started buying T800s back in 1994 when Kenworth and Rihm Kenworth worked with us to build an all-wheel drive T800 mixer, which gave us a competitive edge in our market by handling well in mud, snow and sand. We did a lot of jobs then which required off-road concrete pours – we didn’t have the big concrete booms we have today. Traction was important and we were the first company in our area to run a 6×6.”

While Kenworth T800s are still stalwarts in the fleet, Cemstone has more recently specified Kenworth W900S mixers with set-forward axles. “The W900S is a great set up for our bridge laws and we can carry about 11 yards of concrete,” said Dewall. “And, with a recent change in our length laws (from 40 feet to 45 feet), we’ll be able to add another pusher axle in our future truck orders, which will allow us to haul up to 3,000 more pounds, or 11-3/4 yards, of payload. That will be a big boost to productivity.”

Dewall said his current fleet of Kenworth’s have withstood the test of time. “We still have many of our original Kenworth T800s,” he said. “They may have gone through a couple mixer barrels and feature a second coat of paint, but they still perform and are reliable. We put a lot of trust in these Kenworths and they’ve paid us back in reliability and consistency,” he said. “Kenworth trucks are easy to work on, and since the cabs are constructed of aluminum, we don’t have the rust problems other truck brands might have. Kenworth trucks remain our truck of choice based on how they hold up, their productivity, serviceability, and driver acceptance.”

Source: Kenworth Truck Company


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  2. another funny one was entering into Ohio from Indiana and a trucker flies by my Swift truck. Seconds later, there is an Ohio state trooper right on that trucker’s ass. Very funny moment. I’ve had my close ones, but luckily never hit another vehicle or rolled/totaled the truck and trailer in my 2+years xp. so knock on wood there. As I tell any fellow trucker, be safe and yes the industry is an acquired taste with a lot of BS, but nice travel ops to say the least. Canada is a + if u can do it

  3. Indeed a great post. The construction field always has it ups and downs and is always changing but progress will never stop. Even in a questionable economy there is always room for growth and expansion. The will and strength of the people is what makes us all able to move forward and accomplish great feats together and construction has always been the backbone of this country no matter the economic status.

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