Kenworth Receives Prestigious EPA Clean Air Excellence Award

Kenworth Truck Company homepage reports that Kenworth was recently honored by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) with a prestigious 2008 EPA Clean Air Excellence award during a special ceremony in Washington, D.C.

Kenworth submitted entries on its T270 Class 6 and T370 Class 7 diesel-electric hybrids, T800 liquefied natural gas (LNG) trucks and Kenworth Clean Power no-idle system, and received the EPA award in the Clean Air Technology category in recognition of all three major environmental efforts. Kenworth became the first truck manufacturer to capture EPA Clean Air Excellence honors since the inception of the awards in 2000.

According to the official EPA homepage, Kenworth Truck Company is committed to providing a broad range of products for the commercial vehicle market that minimize environmental impact through reduced emissions, greenhouse gases, and fuel consumption. This effort is epitomized by three products released in
2008: Kenworth’s Clean Power System, Medium Duty Hybrid, and Natural Gas Powered Vehicle.

The Kenworth Clean Power System is a no-idle, battery-powered system that provides 10 hours of continuous operation during mandatory rest periods for truck drivers. The system is comprised of enhanced insulation, cooling storage capacity for air conditioning, auxiliary heat, high efficiency LED lighting, and 110 volt AC outlets. By eliminating idling during rest periods, the system reduces fuel use by one gallon per hour.

The Kenworth Medium Duty Hybrid Truck is powered by a parallel diesel-electric system. This system, developed in partnership with the Eaton Corporation, also utilizes braking energy to recharge its batteries in preparation for vehicle acceleration. Fuel consumption can be decreased up to 1,500 gallons per year and CO2 by 38 percent for specific applications. The utility configuration can run a hydraulic boom directly from the hybrid batteries, resulting in even greater savings.

The Kenworth Natural Gas Powered Vehicle was developed in partnership with Westport Innovations. This truck uses a small injection of diesel to ignite the high pressure natural gas, which gives the performance and longevity equivalent to a diesel engine, while using domestically available fuel. Fuel is stored as liquid natural gas (LNG) for increased energy density. The factory-built Kenworth T800 LNG truck reduces emissions for NOx by 27 percent, particulate matter by 40 percent, and CO2 by 24 percent.

Source: Kenworth and Environmental Protection Agency

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