Volvo Construction Equipment has Strong Start for Certified Refurbishment Program

The Volvo Construction Equipment homepage features details on Volvo’s equipment refurbishment program.

According to Volvo, the program was started in 2008, based on the premise that a mid-life remake of the equipment is, many times, the best economical option for machine owners.

“During our months of investigation into a program of this type, we became convinced that a system built upon high standards of dealer certification, firm content, time committed agreements and backed by factory warranties would enhance the productivity and profitability of equipment and the businesses owning them,” said Kevin Stock, Product Manager, and developer and manager of the program. “We are now seeing the fruits of our labor – customers are seeing the benefits of “starting over”, if you will.”

The Volvo CE certified refurbishment program is extensive and comprehensive. It begins with a thorough project scope of parts to be rebuilt/replaced that has been determined through detailed analysis of the equipment.

Every stage of the refurbishment procedure – from the initial inspection through final reassembly to operational tests – follows strict and unrelenting guidelines and is thoroughly documented. Warranties are provided for specific rebuild/refurbishment actions, and follow-up inspections are made within a specified time frame of placing the “new” machine back into operation.

Source: Volvo Construction Equipment

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