Caterpillar Inc. Receives United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Air Excellence Award

Caterpillar Inc. announced they have been awarded the Environmental
Protection Agency (EPA) Clean Air Excellence Award for its D7E track-type tractor with electric drive. According to Caterpillar, the electric drive system is the first of its kind in this application, designed to maximize efficiency and productivity while conserving natural resources.

The diesel-electric drive technology uses a diesel engine to drive an electric generator that powers two AC electric drive motors. The D7E track-type tractor (bulldozer) increases dozing efficiency by 25 percent, reduces fuel consumption by 10 to 30 percent, and reduces criteria and greenhouse gas emissions. The total emissions reductions, from productivity increase and fuel savings, per hour are: 10 percent for CO, 20 percent for NOx and HC, 51 percent for PM and 23 percent for CO2.

“Caterpillar is committed to improving the sustainability of our customers, our industry and our shared environment,” said Tana Utley, Caterpillar’s Chief Technology Officer, who accepted the award at a ceremony in Washington, DC. “We are proud of the D7E and the significant improvements in fuel efficiency and productivity it will provide our customers, ultimately helping them cut costs and reduce emissions. This accomplishment proves technology can improve both customer value and sustainability. Technology unleashes the power of ‘and’, which makes sustainable progress possible.”

Source: Caterpillar

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