Kenworth T800 Powered By Liquefied Natural Gas Makes Truck Driver’s Life Easier and Cleaner

The Los Angeles Times features a story on Heriberto S. Perez Jr. and the 2009 Kenworth T800 liquefied natural gas truck he drives at the Port of Los Angeles

The story reports that Perez’s old truck was banned from the port in October. Now he leases the T800 with a drive train that derives 95% of its power from natural gas. The reduction of diesel fumes was so dramatic that Perez’s wife became suspicious because his clothes didn’t smell like diesel soot anymore.

Along with a cleaner burning engine, the new Kenworth trucks also run quieter and smoother, a relief to a driver’s back.

The Kenworth homepage features details about the natural gas powered T800 from a press release in January 2008

Source: The Los Angeles Times and Kenworth

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