The Innovation Truck By Daimler Trucks North America Offers a Sampling of Cutting-Edge Truck Technology

The Freightliner Trucks homepage reports on the Innovation Truck by Daimler Trucks North America, a preview of the latest trucking technologies that appeared at the recent Mid-America Trucking Show.

According to Freightliner Trucks, the Innovation Truck features advanced technologies directly from DTNA’s development labs. It takes Freightliner Trucks’ most aerodynamic solution – the Cascadia™ – and adds a sampling of cutting-edge advancements that will further enhance fuel economy.

“We’ve created the new Innovation Truck to highlight not only our existing technologies, but to show our customers what they can expect from us in the near future,” said Elmar Boeckenhoff, senior vice president, Engineering and Technology for Daimler Trucks North America.

Building on the highly successful Cascadia platform, the Innovation Truck reflects greater refinement in aerodynamics with the addition of rear wheel fairings to smooth the airflow around the rear wheels, under body panels that smooth air flow under the chassis, a roof deflector to direct air over the trailer, and a front air splitter incorporated into the front bumper to pass air around the truck.

The Innovation Truck also replaces the mirrors with side view cameras to further reduce drag. The camera system improves the field of view, eliminates blind spots, and reduces the typical “fish eye” effect. Together these enhancements improve the airflow over, under, and around the vehicle – resulting in further fuel savings.

One such system is the RunSmart Predictive Cruise™ system. A world premiere for heavy-duty trucking industry, this system offers significant fuel savings by combining the latest in GPS technology with digital mapping to provide a 3D profile of the road ahead. The truck evaluates the upcoming road profile more than one mile in advance and determines the most fuel efficient vehicle speed.

Further pushing the aerodynamic envelope, the Innovation Truck integrates a Dual Ride Height system that, at highway speeds, lowers the tractor height, reducing under chassis drag. This system utilizes a proprietary front air suspension in conjunction with Freightliner’s popular rear air suspension.

“Aerodynamic drag reduction is at the foundation of DTNA’s engineering efforts, but decreasing friction can also result in fuel economy savings,” said Boeckenhoff.

Source: Frieghtliner Trucks

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