Volvo, Goodyear, and Demonstrate Products at the Mid-America Trucking Show

Commercial Truck Trader recently attended the Mid-America Trucking show, featuring displays of the cutting-edge of trucking technology.

FleetOwner Magazine has posted some video demos on their YouTube account of products ranging from puncture-resistant tires to load matching services that work on your cell phone. Special thanks to Tachoblog for this.

Here is an explanation of  how Volvo’s selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology not only reduces NOx levels but also active regeneration too.

Here is a demonstration of Goodyear’s DuraSeal Technology. According to Goodyear, this is the world’s first built-in tire sealant for commercial truck tires that instantly seals tread punctures.

The marketing manager from explains the web-enabled cell phone load matching service, helping truckers do load seaching from their cell phone rather than using a laptop.

Source: and Tachoblog


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